International Air Transport

We provide integrated transportation services from Japan to the world and from the world to Japan, making full use of our global network. Our integrated in-house operations ensure high speed and high quality service.

As an IATA air cargo agent, we offer the best services to meet our customers’ needs.

We also provide high quality services overseas through our affiliated agents.

International Courier Service (Courier Service) *For commercial cargo

Door to door international courier service from documents to heavy cargo mainly for China and Vietnam.

We provide smooth customs clearance and transportation service to our overseas business partners. Conditions apply.

We can also provide worldwide transportation routes using partner companies other than our company.

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Air Cargo Service(Forwarding Service)

We offer transportation methods that meet the needs of our customers.

We can handle door-to-door integrated transportation, emergency transportation using express services, and requests for after-hours and weekends.

Currently, we handle a variety of cargoes such as semiconductor-related products, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, perishables, dangerous goods, and goods for exhibitions.

 ▶ Emergency transportation service (NFO/NEXT FLIGHT OUT)

 ▶ Hand Carry Service

 ▶ General Air Transportation Service

Cross-border EC Service(E-commerce Service)

We provide integrated transportation services for various projects, customs clearance and transportation. Such as BtoC, FBA.